Sylvan Lake News Articles and Readers’ Views on the Watershed

Steve Dills, Editor of the Sylvan Lake News publishes reports on municipal council meetings and on events and developments that affect the Sylvan Lake watershed.

Here are recent SLN articles and letters to the editor:

Local residents could benefit from recreation facilities plan

County agreed to increased costs for regional lift station

Majority agreed with council’s decision not to mess with lake level

Water, water and more water discussed at Norglenwold meeting

Sandy beaches at Sylvan Lake a thing of the past

Clean out Outlet Creek instead of spending money on more sand

Evaporation won’t cure problem, excess water must be let out of the lake  

TSL wants a beach on the waterfront-SLN-2012-05-31

Birchcliff seeking provincial funding to proceed with sewer system-SLN-2012-05-24

Frustrated trying to get onto lake-SLN Letter-2012-05-24

Sylvan Lake Subdivision Activity in LC-SLN-2012-02-16

Appeal of plan for development withdrawn by LC-SLN-2012-01-19

Developers required to provide recreational amenities-SLN-2012-04-12

Marina Project Sent Back for Revision-SLN-2012-04-12

Decision on marina delayed-SLN-2012-04-28

Lake’s outlet channel operating as it should-SLN-2012-04-28

County planning new parking lot for Sunbreaker Cove-SLN-2012-05-03

Slopes received approvals from Lacombe County-SLN-2012-05-03

Plan to establish cumulative effects system for lake supported-SLN-2012-01-19

Important older articles from the Sylvan Lake News:

Evaporation best solution for reducing lake water level-SLN-2011-08-04

SLN Letters on Lake Level-SLN-2011-08-04

TSL should take stronger action to protect lake-SLN-2011-07-15

Watershed Government Proposed-SLN-2009-03-27

Restricted Motor Boat Use-SLN-2009-03-27

Skyy Country Public Meeting-2009-03-04-SLN

Sylvan Lake News – Nutrient Loading Could Harm Lake-SLN-2005-03-30

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