Kim Schmitt, RDRWA Watershed Ambassador

Past SLWSS President Kim Schmitt was recognized for his contributions to watersheds at a breakfast meeting of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance held in Red Deer on May 18.

Kim was introduced by RDRWA MC Bob Bryant:

“The RDRWA is very pleased to present Kim Schmitt with this Watershed Ambassador award.  Kim Schmitt has been a biologist, field office manager and public policy manager with Ducks Unlimited Canada for over 20 years.   He was a member of Duck’s national Conservation Advisory Committee and the chair of DU’s Aspen Parkland Planning Team. He has also been involved in the development and implementation of many cooperative projects between agriculture and wildlife groups and designed joint venture projects for the Eastern, Bow River, Western and St. Mary’s River Irrigation Districts. Kim has also served as co-chair of a national policy initiative for tax incentives for conservation and led a national task force for on-farm conservation programs.  Through the Natural Advantage program, Kim promoted the protection and restoration of wetlands.   He helped many landowners realize the benefits of wetlands and helped them incorporate the restoration of wetlands into their long term goals for land stewardship.

As a personal interest, Kim has also been extensively involved with the Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society as president and as active member for several years.  Kim participated and led many of the Society’s projects.  The group has been putting great effort into protecting the integrity of the Sylvan Lake Watershed.

Both Kim’s work and personal commitments demonstrate a philosophy toward resource management that encompasses a sustainable agricultural industry and a healthy, biologically diverse landscape.  The RDRWA is very pleased to present Kim Schmitt with a Watershed Ambassador award.”

Kim Schmitt, on the left, accepts Ambasssadorship. SLWSS president Strathdee looks on.

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