Lacombe County Watch

Lacombe County surrounds the north and west shore of Sylvan Lake and controls land use outside the Summer Villages of Jarvis Bay, Birchcliff and Sunbreaker Cove.

A draft report on the “State of the Environment in Lacombe County” was presented to councillors for review on November 22. The Council approved the final draft for publication on Jan 31, 2013.

This page provides links to Lacombe County and other municipal reports and documents that affect Sylvan Lake.

Half Moon Bay wants more enforcement of a boat launch at Range Road 21 SLN 2013-08-01

Formal boat launch to be considered at Range Road 21 SLN 2013-08-01

Lacombe County wants to discuss options for RR21 launch – See separate post.

Lacombe County State of the Environment Report

Lacombe County Environmental Report endorsed by Council

Lacombe County’s Reeve Wigmore Re-Elected

Sylvan Lake Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan

The Slopes Development Bylaw

Sylvan Lake Area Structure Plan

Sylvan Lake Management Plan 2000

Sylvan Lake Water Quality Assessment and Watershed Management Considerations (AXYS 2005)

Sylvan Lake Public Access Study

Sylvan Lake Regulation Study by Alberta Environment 1978

Sylvan Lake Management Plan 1977

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