Golf Course Creek at Spring Runoff Time

Golf Course Creek collects surface water flow from a large upslope land area southwest of the Town of Sylvan Lake. Here’s what is looks like at the culvert that passes under 60th Street on the west side of the Sylvan Lake Golf and Country Club, then reappears at the culverts that empty the flow into Marina Bay and then into Sylvan Lake.

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One Reply to “Golf Course Creek at Spring Runoff Time”

  1. Greetings from the CANDUET
    I hardly know where to start….
    I am all for the creation of 2 large public access boat launches (north and south ends) on Sylvan Lake and total closure of all else. This is a public lake and not the private pond the property owners want it to be. Boat inspections for invasive species would be much more feasible given proper launches. And have that related to Canada Customs notes about boats coming from the US. Well hopefully they do that. Maybe some signs at the Saskatchewan border? If you need money for signs, how about a challenge from the lakeshore property owners to match my little contribution $100 cash no conditions.

    Have you checked the altitude of the Medicine River just east of Eckville? You will find it is well below the lake level. Also note the extensive springs complex originating from east of there implying some sort of cut off in the drainage into Sylvan Lake. Or maybe even a connection to Sylvan Lake given the relative altitudes.

    On observing the outlet culvert complex at the east end of Sylvan Lake it is clear that the outflow is restricted by the fact that gravel(sand) is accumulating at the lower end of the main culvert. Clearing the channel downstream to the point where water actually falls off the end of the culvert would maximize the culvert capacity. Currently the channel is choked by an increase in elevation of channel bottom post culvert. This reduces the channel capacity and over a period of time maintains the lake at a higher than normal level as the climactic variation now proceeds around a different net effective drainage slope.

    What do you suppose makes the water look brown in the pictures above? You did not pass any opinion. I’d say it is mostly from flowing across organic matter like dead grass and leaves which would also account for the foam. Maybe a deer poop or two and an occasional pet dropping. It cannot be clay from open excavations, detergents or any livestock operation. Hopefully the street drainage has percolated through designed retention sites to reduce most manmade junk like antifreeze leaks and oil drops.

    I have spotted a number of fish that have been “propped” this year. Also a wide variation in the murkiness of the water. Poplar fluff and the like.

    There used to be vast numbers of flies some years that made stinking piles around my home in Norglenwold at the time( mid eighties-) and in lesser numbers around town. Have they vanished?

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