Zebra Mussel Inspectors Trained. Lots of Info Online.

Two SLWSS Directors are now Certified Watercraft and Equipment Inspectors under the standard of the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. President Graeme Strathdee and Past President Kim Schmitt participated in an Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development training course held in the Red Deer County council room on June 27. Trainer-In-Chief Katheryn (Kate) Wilson ran the one-day session with assistance from other invasive species experts from the department and county.

Blayne West, Lacombe County’s Environmental Coordinator. and Art Preachuk, Red Deer County’s Agricultural Manager, also successfully completed the “Inspection and Decontamination of Watercraft for Zebra/Quagga Mussels” course and are now Level One Inspectors.

To STOP THE SPREAD call the Alberta Hotline 1-855-336-BOAT 24/7 if a boat is sighted and suspected of transporting mussels in Alberta.

Check out this Alberta web page for essential information on invasive species.

Find out more about Lacombe County‘s land and waterways weed control program here.

For information on agricultural services and control of invasive species in Red Deer County please phone the main line at 403.350.2150 or email info@rdcounty.ca.

Here are a few more resource links on invasive zebra and/or quagga mussels:

Don’t Move A Mussel video.

Catalog of Interviews and Images from the Making of “Don’t Move a Mussel 2011”

Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Free Public Service Videos

Cal Fish and Game Quagga Mussel PSA (May 2012)

Preventing an Invasive  Mussel Nightmare (May 2011) — USFWS Video  HighlightingWatercraft Inspection Training Program

The Threat of Invasive Mussels (April 2011) – Utah Division of Wildife Resources

Zap the Zebra Mussel: Zebra Mussel Brochure

Zebra Mussel Watch

Zebra Mussel Fact Sheet


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