Proposed Environmental Goals for the Red Deer River Watershed

The Sylvan Lake watershed occupies 10.6 thousand hectares of the 4.965 million hectares in the Red Deer River watershed that extends across Central Alberta. See all the maps prepared for the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) posted here.

The Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the Red Deer River watershed will apply to Sylvan Lake that is a part of the Blindman River subwatershed. Sylvan Lake is connected to the Red Deer River as the lake overflows through Outlet Creek, then Cygnet Lake, and discharges into the Red Deer River west of the City of Red Deer.

The proposed objectives for:

  1. Water Quality in the Red Deer River Basin
  2. Riparian Areas, Wetlands & Land Use
  3. Surface Water Quantity and Groundwater Resources

will also be important references for management of our water resources in the Sylvan Lake watershed.

These background technical reports may be downloaded from the RDRWA website:

In addition, the Groundwater Atlas prepared for the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor study contains water cycle, water quality, and water quantity data that helps to put the Sylvan Lake watershed into regional perspective.

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