Belterra Land Company Develops The Slopes Project in the Sylvan Lake Watershed

The Calgary Herald recently published two articles on The Slopes land development project that is located just north of the east end of Birchcliff summer village:

$40-million residential development launched in Sylvan Lake

New Sylvan Lake project offers mix of housing types for buyers of all sorts

If the marketplace reacts positively to the promotional campaign then the SLWSS will keep a close watch on the impact of the development on the water quality of Sylvan Lake.

The Slopes project plan for management of storm water that might discharge into Sylvan Lake is included in the The Slopes Concept Plan 2011Click here for the extracted storm water management proposal and map. Note that runoff from The Slopes will be released to Sylvan Lake through existing drainage over the Birchcliff Summer Village.

Evidence from around the world shows that increasing population density around small enclosed bodies of water tends to cause excess nutrient contamination and that enhances the risk of chronic blue-green algae blooms.

“Green Is the Colour” is great as the Saskatchewan Roughrider theme song, but not as a label for another Alberta recreational lake.


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