Lacombe County Proposes Sanitary Servicing Project at Sylvan Lake

Lacombe County’s Council has requested input from the public on a proposed Communal Servicing project for Sylvan Lake.

The project would require four small lakefront communities to install new facilities for collection and removal of domestic sewage wastes to the Town of Sylvan Lake’s sewage treatment plant and ponds.

Those communities include Kuusamo Krest, Yuill, Palm Bay and Blissful Beach. All are located in that part of the Sylvan Lake watershed that is now controlled by the Lacombe County’s Sylvan Lake Area Structure Plan (13 MB download).

Click here for the Communal Servicing Project document (it’s a 3.8 MB download).

In concept, local sewage would be collected at dwellings, pumped into a local pipeline, held in a common retention tank, vacuum-trucked to a transfer station, and dumped for pipeline transport to the TSL treatment facility. Some property owners in those communities already contract independently for an equivalent sewage removal service.

The cost per connected lot is estimated by Stantec Engineering to be between $53,000 and $83,000.

The total project cost of $4.36 million would be subsidized by an approved Building Canada Fund federal government grant of $1.28 million.




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