Annual Meeting 2014

President Graeme Strathdee presented the following annual report on SLWSS projects and activities during the last year:

Monitoring Sylvan Lake Tributaries

The Golf Course Creek Project funded by the Land Stewardship Centre, and the Northwest Creek Project co-funded by the SLWSS and the member municipalities of the Sylvan Lake Management Committee have collected data on the flow and composition of runoff from the two most important catchments and tributaries. The project reports show that the addition of Phosphorus (as TP) into the lake 2014 has been less than 3% of the ASWQG value of 0.035 mg/litre. 

Logistics Support for ALMS LakeWatch 2014 and Invasive Species Sampling Campaigns

LakeWatch sampled Sylvan Lake five times during the open water season. The results will be published as part of the on-going series of reports on Sylvan Lake. Instrumental data are collected and combined with the water quality analyses of composite samples of the lake. Members Bob Samson and Jim Campbell are thanked for transporting ALMS technician Jackson Woren. In addition, ALMS initiated Invasive Species monitoring at Sylvan Lake in 2014. Director Devon Shouldice provided the boat for collection and classification of near-shore plants sampled by ALMS technician Alyssa Cloutier. 

Living by Water Project 2014

Director Steven Johnson recruited 9 new participants for the Home Assessment program. After Year 5 we now have enrolled 81 property owners. The Nature Alberta team worked with owners on initial and follow-up check-ups.  All participants receive the SLWSS ‘Kent Williamson’ yard sign that recognizes their commitment to a healthy watershed. The SLWSS donated $1000 to support the Nature Alberta team’s Living by Water assessments at Sylvan Lake.  The 2014 report will be posted on our SLWSS News website.

Sylvan Lake Management Committee

The SLWSS represented members’ interests on the Sylvan Lake Management Committee as non-voting observer and as expert contributors to a municipal councillors’ workshop. The Cumulative Effects Management System project has effectively been suspended in 2014.

Stewardship at Sylvan Lake Presentation

The president delivered a talk with this title to Rotary Clubs in Red Deer and Sylvan Lake. Each was followed by an enthusiastic discussion period as many in Central Alberta have ties to the lake.

Cumulative Effects Management System (CEMS) Project

Lack of both project management and expert staff resources limited progress on this joint ESRD-SLMC project since our last SLWSS AGM. The reorganization of ESRD required a review of the direction and scope of the CEMS project and a search for an appropriate project leader. Consequently there is no SLWSS action to report.

The SLWSS is the Authority on the Watershed

Two SLWSS websites and contain news, information and intelligence on all aspects of and threats to the watershed environment the natural capital, and to the surrounding community. Monitoring and reporting on the water balance and water quality are our lake priorities. A redesign of the gateway site is underway by Chad Williamson.

The SLWSS Intervened on the CFR Chemicals Expansion in Red Deer County

The SLWSS commented in a letter to Red Deer County on the risks to the watershed that are created by the CFR Chemicals site on Highway 11 and its chemical storage and transfer and rail and road transport of materials.

Quiet Enjoyment Initiative

The QEI subcommittee chaired by Kent Lyle presented its findings and recommendations to the Sylvan Lake Management Committee in May. A motion was passed by the SLMC to develop a common Municipal Bylaw to help mitigate noise pollution on and near Sylvan Lake from engines and music systems, summer and winter, before the boats and other conveyancing vehicles are launched or driven on to the lake.

Sylvan Lake Nutrient Balance

On the technology front, several computer models are being evaluated as tools for consolidation and analysis of tributary flows and lake composition in cooperation with the limnologist assigned to Sylvan Lake.

WillyFest 2014

The fourth annual WW event was organized by the Williamson family and close friends at Blissful Beach on August 16. Participants were once again generous in their contribution of funds for use in our programs.

Our Friends

We acknowledge the assistance of the many friends of Sylvan Lake who continue to provide generous financial support to the SLWSS and to renew membership in the Society.

Representation at Stewardship Events

We participated in conferences and meetings of the Central Alberta Recreational Lakes organization, the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance, and other significant events that have value for the SLWSS.

The SLWSS Management Team

Your organization is directed, managed and administered by a dedicated team that fits volunteer duties into busy schedules. The SLWSS maintains its financial health by the member subscriptions and contributions from benefactors who believe in the cause of protecting Sylvan Lake.


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