Learn to How to Respect Our Lake(s)

The SLWSS invites you to protect Sylvan Lake as a watershed steward.

However Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) is more ambitious and invites you to respect all Alberta lakes at the Respect Our Lakes web page.


Know the laws of Canada and Alberta that support lake management goals.

And click on the many links to ESRD’s information resources that are posted here.

Learn how tiny Sylvan Lake fits in to the bigger picture of the Red Deer River watershed and explore the comprehensive State of the Watershed report.

Get to know all the actors who rely on clean water supplies for towns and cities and to meet all their demands for water supply across Central Alberta.

Sylvan Lake is just one of many Central Alberta Recreational Lakes (CARL) that are popular with Albertans. For more information on CARL resources click here.

There’s lots more to our lakes and watersheds, starting with Alberta’s Water for Life strategy.

Wetlands are important.

Resources for students and teachers match the schools curriculum.

It’s easy to learn about healthy aquatic ecosystems. Click here for even more sources of information. Or, see what Cows and Fish say.

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