The World According to the Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society

The SLWSS has presented the case for respect and care of the Sylvan Lake watershed for almost a decade. We have talked to municipal governments, environmental conferences, stewardship groups, service clubs and a church organization to help audiences understand the state of our watershed and the role of the SLWSS.

Here is an archive of presentations that show the scope of SLWSS actions:

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow explained the history of settlement and recreation at Sylvan Lake over 100 years, and looked ahead to an era of development that threatens the watershed with intensive urbanization.

Stewardship conferences and workshops sponsored by the Alberta Stewardship Network and the Alberta Lake Management Society have offered opportunities to explain the Sylvan lake situation to other concerned community groups, regulators, and policy makers:

Our Living by Water program in partnership with the Nature Alberta team has provided environmental property assessments and guidance for shoreline care and protection.

Protecting Sylvan Lake described watershed fundamentals of water quality and quantity and mapped out the threats and risk-contributors that that have an impact on the environment.

We have described the scope of our stewardship activities to a Central Alberta Recreational Lakes conference and reported on the state of the watershed to Rotary Clubs in both Red Deer and in Sylvan Lake.

This briefing for a United Church group stimulated animated discussion at Camp Kasota. The church camp is well known to generations of lake-goers who expect that Sylvan Lake will be protected.

In addition, the SLWSS input to an inter-municipal Cumulative Effects Management System project included an analysis and ranking of indicators that contribute to the health of the watershed.

The Eutrophication Casino opened its doors for the first time at a breakfast meeting of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance held at Sylvan Lake, but guests declined an invitation to play high stakes roulette with the lake’s water quality. This presentation is also available with notations.


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