Two Fish, One Fish, No Fish—Alberta’s Fish Crisis

For many decades, Lorne Fitch was a respected fisheries biologist with the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division. He worked on the ground to maintain and improve Alberta’s fisheries, including rehabilitating fish habitat. Like many of us he has watched the quality of Alberta’s fisheries deteriorate over the years despite the efforts of many. When I was shown his unpublished essay on the subject, I knew it had to be read by all who cherish what used to be a rich wild heritage. I invited Lorne to publish the essay here.

This essay is long (9000 words) but well worth the read as it is packed full of historic information and insights into how the trajectory of our Alberta fisheries can be turned around. It is published here with the permission of the author.

Two Fish, One Fish, No Fish—Alberta’s Fish Crisis
by Lorne Fitch, P. Biol.
Copyright © 2015, All Rights Reserved.

Dr. Seuss’s One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish is a classic children’s story, a simple rhyming book for beginning readers. We need a similar rhyme to help people grasp the problems afflicting Alberta’s native fish species. It might read like this:


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