Sylvan Lake Level and Water Quality Data

Lake Level

The Environment Canada Wateroffice monitors the level of Sylvan Lake and the data may be accessed here. The Sylvan Lake station ID number is 05CC003.

If that web page will not report Sylvan Lake data, then access the information by entering your query here:

The Sylvan Lake station number is 05CC003.

Between May 1 and July 10 2015 the lake level has decreased by about 15 cm. After July 1 evaporation typically causes a further decrease by 1-2 mm per day. See this SLWSS News post for more historical data;

These data are for the period May 1 to June 26 2015:

SL Level May 01 to June 27 2015

Click on the image to enlarge it

The webpage chart can be customized to report either real time hydrometric data or historical data. Records are retrievable for years 1918 to 2012.

Note that the hot dry weather in the period has caused the lake level to fall during a time period when the lake water usually warms up and expands causing the level to rise. Watch for more traditional evaporative loss after July 1.

Alberta Environment and Parks may report the same annual data here after the web page is maintained.

Water Quality

Alberta surface water quality data may be downloaded from this reference web page. Follow the instructions on the page for a Lake Water Quality Data Report.

From the pull-down menu select SYLVAN LAKE – COMPOSITE – AB055C0700, then Detailed Data.

After the table is displayed you may export the data in one of several formats by clicking on the export icon in the upper left hand corner of the page.

For a quick review of recent LakeWatch sampling campaigns by the Alberta Lake Management Society, click here. Also see this photo album of an actual on-the-water Sylvan Lake sampling campaign day,


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