Heavy Rains Erode Soil and Contaminate Sylvan Lake

1-DSC_0056 2-DSC_0051 3-DSC01214

Recent heavy rains have caused erosion of construction sites in the Town of Sylvan Lake (TSL) and transported fine particulates into the lake through the stormwater system and Golf Course Creek. The flow discharges into Marina Bay and then into the lake as a plume of very fine suspended solids that cause water quality to deteriorate as these photo show.

The TSL’s investigation of the source of the release was reported to Council at the August 8 meeting. Clearly there is scope for improved containment of runoff from construction sites in the watershed and stronger regulatory action with appropriate penalties.

Alberta’s Hotline for citizen reporting of contaminant releases is:

Energy & Environmental Response Line

24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-222-6514

This case history is further proof that the Two Laws of Watersheds really do apply in the real world:

  • Water flows downhill
  • Stuff from the land ends up in the lake

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