High Tech Stewardship: Watchdogging from Space

Like to be nosy? Join the satellite spy team. Use Google earth to keep an eye on the Sylvan Lake watershed. Monitor and report on land uses and changes. Use Street View and check it out at ground level.

What will you see? Applications of Non-Beneficial Management Practices. The consequences of NBMPs. Actions that are contrary to the best urban and agricultural land use recommendations.

The map pins in the first image locate a few NBMP examples. The Google Earth image combined with on-the-ground confirmation provide evidence of shoreline lots that have been clear cut edge-to-edge and lake-to-road in Summer Villages. Locate the source of recent Town of Sylvan Lake soil erosion that was suspended in stormwater, and discharged into Sylvan Lake through Marina Bay.

Beneficial Management Practices, BMPs, are recognized too. Responsible construction on wooded lots is possible. Permeable, instead of paved, road surfaces help precipitation infiltrate and maintain the groundwater supply while reducing stormwater runoff into the lake.

To view the pin points and associated data in detail, request the master watchdog .kmz file for importing into Google Earth. Active members may request the free file by contacting us at info@slwss.org

NBMP Cases at Sylvan Lake 2015

 Click on the image to expand it.

This image shows the stormwater route that conveyed suspended fine soil particles into Sylvan Lake from an up-slope development.

For a while, pickerel in Marina Bay couldn’t see the sun.

Sediment Discharge-GCC-2015

Click on the image to expand it.

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