The Alberta Lake Management Society’s 2015 Workshop

The titles and links to the presentations from the ALMS workshop are listed below. The two contributors (Caitlin Smith and Graeme Strathdee) who discussed the Sylvan Lake CEMS project are highlighted in red for easy reference.

The U of A’s Prof. Vinebrooke described several case histories of successes and failures of attempts to intervene in lake ecosystems and to remediate eutrophic conditions.

See the results of low-cost drone imagery survey of the Wabamun Lake shoreline in the report by Mary Ellen Shain of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. That project has demonstrated how high resolution coverage enabled a riparian zone impairment assessment at a fraction of the cost of the SRD inspection of the Sylvan Lake shore by helicopter videography.

Parkland County has introduced and promoted Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS). Several farmers and ranchers have benefitted from the payments that remove land areas from agricultural production to protect adjacent water bodies.

Session 1: Innovation
Stephanie Neufeld and Arin MacFarlane Dyer – ALMS Progress on Lake Management
Rolf Vinebrooke, UofA Bioremediation of Eutrophic Temperate Lakes: A Cautionary Tale
Morris Seiferling, Stantec Consulting Wabamun Lake Subwatershed Land Use Plan
Session 2: Adaptation
Caitlyn Smith, O2 Planning and Design Designing Environmental Management Plans for Municipalities: Parkland County and Sylvan Lake examples.
Graeme Strathdee, Sylvan Lake Stewardship Society A Stakeholder’s Perspective on Sylvan Lake’s Cumulative Effects Management System
Jennifer Graydon & Debra Mooney, Alberta Health Update on Public Health Monitoring and Management of Alberta’s Recreational Waters
Session 3: Collaboration
Marie-Claire St Jacques & Petra Rowell, Alberta Water Council Improving lake watershed management: Alberta Water Council’s Project Team
Session 4: Collaborate and get action!
Lakes of Parkland County Strength in Numbers – the Power of Collaboration
Mary Ellen Shain, North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance Evaluating Lake Shorelines Using Drone Surveys
Gabriel Clarke, Parkland County Engaging the Agricultural Community to Implement Alternate Land Use Services (ALUS)
Session 6: Innovation and Adaptation
Theo Charette, CPP Environmental Consultants A Model for Watershed Management Planning: Indices of Aquatic Ecosystem Health in the Beaver River Watershed
Brendan Ganton, Alberta Conservation Association Fisheries Restoration Projects on Isle and Hasse Lakes

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