The Sylvan Lake Watershed Report

The Sylvan Lake Report – Second Edition is our brand new Society handbook on the lake and watershed. See the Table of Contents here.

The report presents critical cumulative information on the state of our watershed. It summarizes historical data on the lake and its watershed land compiled from a variety of public sources and makes it available to support informed decision-making with relevant facts. It presents environmental, social and economic data that illustrate changes in land and lake use over time. It’s a technical report that captures the cumulative effects of our human impact on the watershed.

Our economic analysis finds that the watershed now includes $2.7 billion of private property investment. That value depends on the condition of the lake so preservation and protection of water quality is the top priority of our watershed Society.

Eutrophication Process

Our analysis suggests that increasing urbanization in the watershed according to municipal plans will increase the inventory and value of private property to about $13 billion through the next generation of expansion. Our fundamental concern is that growth on that scale will cause Sylvan Lake to become eutrophic and no longer an idyllic place to live or visit. Our basic assumption is that an eventual population of 70,000 people within the watershed boundary is intuitively undesirable.

Eutrophication Penalty

Active members of the Society receive a free copy of the full Sylvan Lake Watershed Report.

Become an active member of the Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society by clicking on this secure PayPal link and paying our $20 membership fee.

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