Golf Course Creek Meets Sylvan Lake-2016-07-16

A few millimetres of rain in the last week:

Precipitation to 2016-07-16

Precipitation in 2016 measured at the Alberta Agriculture weather station at Hespero.

has increased the stormwater runoff from the Golf Course Creek catchment and transported another load of suspended solids into Sylvan Lake through Marina Bay:


View of the turbidity of Golf Course Creek on the south side of Highway 11A on July 16.

See more evidence of lake contamination in this photo album.

The flow through the Hwy 11A and Marina Bay culverts creates a brown plume of nutrient rich fine particles when it disperses in Marina Bay before discharging into Sylvan Lake. Reports suggest that, as in previous cases that we investigated in 2015, even 20 mm of rain can saturate and fluidize soil at construction sites up the watershed slope in the Town of Sylvan Lake (TSL), carry it in stormwater into Golf Course Creek, through the Sylvan Lake Golf and Country Club property, and into Marina Bay.

With more land development scheduled in the TSL’s annexed West Area, Golf Course Creek should expect to receive similar contamination in the future unless the best low impact development practices are applied as the SLWSS has recommended and contractors are required to comply with the Water Act and other Alberta environmental regulations.



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