Report on the Alberta Recreational Lakes Forum 2018 (ARL 2018) at Pigeon Lake

The goal of ARL 2018 was “To support networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration for Alberta’s lake stewardship community.” The May 10, 2018 one-day conference attracted more than 65 experts from Alberta Environment and Parks, stewardship groups, and municipal officials to the Lakedell Agricultural Society hall at Pigeon Lake.

Several presentations updated delegates on these stewardship topics:

  • Cryoseismic events at some lakes in central Alberta (Laurence Andriashek, Alberta Energy Regulator)
  • Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Project (Rod Hawken, CAO Wetaskiwin & John Slater, Ma-Me-O Councilor)
  • Engaging citizens in beach monitoring using DNA based molecular testing (Sydney Rudko, University of Alberta)
  • ALMS Program Update (Laura Redmond, ALMS)
  • Living by Water (Brian Ilnicki, Nature Alberta)
  • Cows & Fish Update (Kelsey Spicer-Rawe, Cows & Fish)

Poster sessions introduced these topics:

The Water Channel – A new interactive platform for water literacy practitioners (AEP)

EDDMaps – A new invasive species reporting app (Alberta Invasive Species Council)

ALUS program – success stories with the ALUS program in Wetaskiwin and Leduc Counties

Intros to Generic Lake tools: Clean Runoff (residential + new municipality drainage guide coming); Healthy-Lake Lawns; Model Land Use Bylaw; Community Incentives and a Native Pollinator Guide (Pigeon Lake Watershed Association)

Stewardship tools in the SLWSS toolbox to characterize watersheds, understand risks, and define action plans (Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society)

The following links to ARL 2018 presentations are now posted on the AEP Water Channel:

Alberta Recreational Lakes Forum Summary Report (114 KB) (pdf)

Alberta Lake Management Society Update (3.79 MB) (pdf)

Cows and Fish Program Update (1.55 MB) (pdf)

Engaging Citizens in Beach Monitoring Using DNA Based Molecular Testing (1.77 MB) (pdf)

Nature Alberta – Living by Water Update (1010 KB) (pdf)

Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Project (2.26 MB) (pdf)



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