The Sylvan Lake Water Quality Sampling Campaign in 2018

We have sampled Sylvan Lake three times in 2018, once each in June, July and August in a joint research project with the Alberta Lake Management Society.

A video and two photo albums for July 10 and August 14 show how instrumental measurements were made at the deep water station, ten water column samples were collected over the whole lake area and combined as a composite for laboratory chemical analysis, and plankton were netted and filtered for later identification and a separate zebra mussel invasive species check.

Sylvan Lake News editor Megan Roth joined the sampling team for the August 14 cruise and published her story online  and in the August 30 print edition.

Roth and Boucher with Plankton

Megan Roth, SLN Editor, and Lindsay Boucher, ALMS lake technician, admire a zooplankton sample.

All water composition data are entered into the master Alberta Detailed Surface Water database so we can detect changes over time. More than three decades of chemical analyses are compiled in this master graphic that displays all the data:

Water Quality 1983-2016

Note that the concentrations of dissolved nutrients and inorganics extend over five orders of magnitude. The important nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium plant fertilizer species that are absorbed by aquatic plants and cyanobacteria which can cause algal blooms are present in concentrations below 1 part per million.

The 2018 campaign has been funded by the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance and the Society. ALMS will summarize the technical findings in another LakeWatch report that will be issued early in 2019.

Thanks to our volunteer crews who have helped on board Norglenwold Councillor Ed Thiessen’s pontoon boat sampling platform.

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