IDP 2020 – Geographic Information System Graphics

The land area within the scope of the proposed Intermunicipal Development Plan due by 2020 links small parts of the Blindman River and Medicine River watersheds to the core Sylvan Lake watershed. The regional topography keeps separate those watershed areas shown in the following gallery of maps. The peripheral land outside the red line perimeter is effectively quarantined from the Sylvan Lake watershed as gravity prevents surface water from flowing across the boundary.

Note the three perimeters in the graphics: The thin green wiggly line is the “official” Alberta Environment and Parks boundary of the Sylvan Lake watershed. The generally-overlapping jagged red line indicates a practical SLWSS hydrological perimeter of municipal roads and their adjacent ditches that can carry surface water flow downhill for eventual discharge into Sylvan Lake. Those white-coloured flow paths are man-made tributaries that are just as significant as the purple-coloured natural ones. The outer yellow line marks the proposed land that is included in the IDP 2020.

GIS layers are mixed and matched in the graphics to illustrate the relationships among different geographic features. Click on any thumbnail graphic in the gallery to expand the image and access the portfolio.

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