Wind Speed History of Sylvan Lake in 2019

The official Alberta Agriculture weather data recorded at Hespero west of the Sylvan Lake watershed is a reasonable indicator of wind on the lake.

The following slideshow compiles and presents about 6500 hourly measurements of wind speed and direction for the period January to September 2019.

It includes an expanded record of the two days of the Sylvan Lake Sailing club’s world famour Hummer regatta on September 6 and 7.

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The strongest winds arrive from the northwest and southeast and typically blow along the centreline of the lake. Powerboaters concerned about safety tend to avoid conditions when the windspeeds exceed 25 kilometres per hour during the open water season. Sailors on the other hand wait for the wind to blow. So Central Alberta offers something for everyone.

Watch the months flash by and decide which was the windiest month of 2019.

Which winds cleared the Town of Sylvan Lake beachfront of sunbathers and swimmers?

Which open-water month sent most boaters back to safety?

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