Invasive Mussels in Contaminated Moss Balls

ALMS Advisory About Aquarium Moss Balls
Do you have a moss ball in your aquarium? If you do, it may be contaminated with invasive mussels. Please check carefully. If you find mussels, please call: 1-855-336-2628 (BOAT).
Contaminated moss balls – which are sold at pet and plant stores – have been found in the U.S.   We are awaiting advice from the Government of Alberta. However, advice from the Government of British Columbia recommends: -Place the moss ball into a sealable plastic bag and freeze for at least 24 hours, or -Place the moss ball in boiling water for at least 1 full minute.   After this, place the moss ball and any of its packaging in a sealed plastic bag and dispose in the trash. Please do not flush moss balls down the toilet or dispose of them in the compost.   Never dump aquarium tank pets, plants or water into any residential water system or Alberta waterway.   This is an evolving situation and we expect to hear updates from the Government of Alberta, which we will pass along to our members.   A reminder, if you suspect you have found invasive mussels, call 1-855-336-2628 (BOAT).   More information on invasive mussels can be found here: Aquatic Invasive Species
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