Sylvan Lake Winter 2018-19

Here is the temperature record from the Alberta Agriculture Hespero and Red Deer Airport weather stations since November 01 compared to the long term average: February has been about 12-14 C below the long term average. Lake ice should be thicker and the ice-free season shorter than usual.

Sylvan Lake Watershed Review 2018

SLWSS president Graeme Strathdee's Society report for 2018 follows: The President’s Annual Report for 2018 State of the Watershed Update The focus of our Society’s stewardship initiatives is on the state of the watershed within the red-line hydrological boundary shown in this consolidated topographical and bathymetric GIS map. In 2018 the Society collected data on Sylvan …

Annual General Meeting 2018

The 2018 President's Report, complete with links to many reference documents, may be viewed by clicking here.The accompanying set of SLWSS 2018 AGM documents and President's Report graphics may be viewed in this hyperlinked photo album. 

IDP 2020 – Geographic Information System Graphics

The land area within the scope of the proposed Intermunicipal Development Plan due by 2020 links small parts of the Blindman River and Medicine River watersheds to the core Sylvan Lake watershed. The regional topography keeps separate those watershed areas shown in the following gallery of maps. The peripheral land outside the red line perimeter …

IDP 2020-Environment

This set of graphics includes historical data on the environment of the Sylvan Lake watershed and surrounding Central Alberta. The quality and quantity of water in the watershed are critical factors that determine watershed value. Dissolved and suspended minerals and organics from the land are transported in surface and underground water into the lake and …