Join the Watershed Stewardship Society

Here is the text of a message recently sent to members of the Society.

Some computers and devices have not received all the electronic content correctly, so it is reproduced here. Click on all the active links to read all the news and to discover what’s been happening.

Please note that memberships may be renewed, or even acquired for the first time, by clicking on the “Be an Active Member” invitation in the right hand margin of this page.


Thank you for your past support in helping us advocate for a sustainable, healthy lake and watershed.  Our strength is in numbers.  We rely on a growing and committed membership to remain strong and effective.  Your annual membership fee of $20 supports our watershed protection projects and provides you with ‘active’ status and a vote at our 2015 Annual General Meeting in September,

Your Society has been active again this year.

  • We reported on two water quality sampling projects on the major tributaries Golf Course Creek and Northwest Creek that provide an early warning of changes to nutrients flowing into the lake and the potential for blooms of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae..
  • Members supplied boat access for the ALMS LakeWatch water quality and Invasive Species
  • We continue to recognize property owners for completing Living by Water property assessments with our distinctive “Kent Williamson” SLWSS yard sign for watershed conservation and water quality awareness.
  • The SLWSS represents Sylvan Lake at meetings of Watershed Stewardship Groups to share information on new legislation, regulations, water quality monitoring, and threats to Central Alberta’s Recreational Lakes.
  • Kent Lyle’s Quiet Enjoyment Initiative team has pioneered a project that is focused on community standards for noise emissions on Sylvan Lake in summer and winter seasons.
  • Our watershed blog site is the source of all important news on Sylvan Lake and our watershed.
  • We assist the Alberta Geological Survey and Alberta Agriculture to understand our watershed setting and we provide technical information on groundwater and nutrient transport from the land into the lake.
  • We represent you as a non-voting member of the Sylvan Lake Management Committee and contribute input to municipal developments in the watershed.

To renew your membership, or become a new active member and a Watershed Stewardship Society supporter, please mail your cheque for $20.00 to:

Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society, Box 9012, Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1S6

You may prefer to use our new electronic payment option. Please click on this Be an Active Member “Buy Now” PayPal button in the right hand margin to reach our secure SLWSS-PayPal web page where you may renew your membership using a credit card or your own PayPal account. PayPal will notify us about your transaction.    

 Click here to read the SLWSS 2014 Annual Report


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