Report on the RDRWA’s Winter Lake Day Meeting at Gull Lake

Nicole Kimmel from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry reported on the spread of the invasive Flowering Rush aquatic plant that has been observed in water bodies near Sylvan Lake. Additional advice is posted on the department’s website:

Garry Tang and Garth Gosselin with Alberta Health Services reported on their Recreational Water Program. The presentation highlighted the new Alberta Environmental Public Health Information Network which was launched on February 2, 2018. This link  enables public to access information on domestic well water quality, public health, and Cyanobacteria results in the future.

Brad Peter from the Alberta Lake Management Society discussed the 2017 lake report that compares the conditions observed in 32 lakes across the province.

Chris Ullmann of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry reviewed the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and discussed the value of Environmental Farm Plans that apply risk management principles to contain contaminants and excess nutrients and prevent runoff into water bodies from farm and ranch operations.

Norine Ambrose, the long-time Cows and Fish missionary, explained how to deliver unpopular messages by gaining trust of the target audiences with respectful two-way communications and local relevance.

Craig MacLeod of the Gull Lake Watershed Society provided a status report on Gull Lake projects and how the lake community has cooperated to reduced contamination in runoff.

HT Catering from Lacombe made the trip to Gull Lake in clouds of drifting snow worthwhile.



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