RDRWA’s Lake Days held at Sylvan Lake on Friday July 24

The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance held its “Lake Days” event on the pier at Sylvan Lake on Friday, July 24.

The goal of Lake Days was to engage the general public with key issues that affect the lakes of the Red Deer River watershed and assist other groups in their efforts to improve the water quality of the lake.

Lake Days provided an opportunity for local interested and affected people together with key professionals and organizations to discuss lake management. Anyone who was anyone was there. Click here to see a photo album of the sunny beach day.

Each organization had a message:

  • Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) analyses the whole watershed, border to border, and is developing a long term management plan for water supply and preservation of water quality. The RDRWA’s table-top display showed how contaminants from the land can enter the lake by erosion and runoff.
  • Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) works to prevent invasive species entering Sylvan Lake with this campaign to educate boaters on the need to be aware, responsible and vigilant:

Boat Ramp Sign-Mini

  • Nature Alberta promotes “Living By Water” Project. The SLWSS has been the local recruiter of property owners, a funding partner, and presenter of the “Kent Williamson” yard signs to recognize the dedication of property owners who participate in L-by-W and respect the shoreline.

Watershed Steward Sign

  • Alberta Health tests the near-shore water and posts beaches if toxic algal blooms become a health threat to users.
  • Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) monitors and reports on water quality of Sylvan Lake and publishes LakeWatch reports that track the condition of the lake over time.



Remember: No Blue/Green Algae. It’s not welcome here:

Sign Logo 1-Transparent background

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