SLWSS VP Susan Samson Leads the Urgent Care Campaign

Click here to read the feature article on the Urgent Care project in the Sylvan Lake News edition of April 21.

While our Watershed Stewardship Society priorities are a healthy environment and Sylvan Lake’s water quality, watershed residents and visitors must be healthy too, and have quick access to emergency services 24/7.

Please visit the Urgent Care website to learn more about the campaign and how you can help. VP Susan and the campaign team will welcome your support.


The Red Deer General Hospital is just a 24.7 km ambulance ride away from the Town of Sylvan Lake

Remember that the Red Deer General Hospital emergency department is only an ambulance ride away when Sylvan Lake clinics are closed and your life might depend on you receiving the prompt medical attention that your taxes pay for.

Where does this year’s $20.261 billion of health care spending go if it’s not meeting our community’s Urgent Care needs? That’s more than $4800 per person for each of the 4.23 million people in Alberta. And it’s almost $100 million of annual spending on our regional population of 20,000 people.



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